​Winter has begun- running a small business on your own with sick kids

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Last year my daughter hardly had any time off school due to illness. However it’s looking like a different story this year. She has missed 10 days in the last 3 weeks! I'm crossing my fingers that we've had our fair share of illness but bracing myself for a sick winter.

I actually don’t mine the odd day off, even a couple of days of not doing the school and kinder run is nice sometimes. I actually love school holidays and losing those anxiety ridden school run mornings! BUT I've just had a week of both kids (7 & a half and nearly 4 yr old) with flu, off the back of both having head colds a fortnight ago. So I need to have a little whinge I think. It’s difficult as a working Mum running a small business and I'm managing OK but a WHOLE week with sick kids...... “ Mum can I have........Mum I'm thirsty......Mum I have boggers......Mum I'm cold” while trying to work is exhausting! I do everything in my business so when the routine changes, I lose the flow and rhythm of the work load and it takes a bit to get that flow and motivation back. And when you get sick yourself (just a head cold this time) it can be diabolical.

However as much I think it’s OK, important even, to have a whinge and express personal feelings, I know full well that other’s have MUCH bigger struggles than I. I have loads, buckets, tons to be thankful for. And at the end of this story I can say I am thankful I'm only dealing with kids with colds and flu.   

The above photo is a small part of our home which resembled a lot of the rest of our home. Note you cannot see much of the floor. Kids don’t like to clean up their mess at the best of times - sick kids - no chance! I left it well alone and decided it was not a battle I was up for. Peace and calm and the regular level of untidiness have now been restored...... And breathe out.  

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