Showcasing The Colour ‘Teal’ And Great Ways To Use It In Kids Rooms.

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We are showcasing the colour ‘Teal’. Why? Because it’s beautiful! It’s stunning in a monochrome designed room for a pop of colour. It’s great styled together with chocolate. It's delicious with similar tones such as blues and greens. And it’s awesome in a girls room combined with pink.

I think my favourite way to style teal is with birch tones. Check out this stunning up-cycled chest of drawer. I simply adore this look! Here's a link to the blog where you can find how to create this look - link

There is great inspiration on-line on ways to combine teal with other colours- just Google ‘Teal Kids Room’ and check out some images. Or check out Pinterest.

Here is a selection of products from A Whole Lot of Love that would work perfectly in a 'Teal' room. And these are all currently in stock.

1.Laser Cut Bamboo Clock – Blue Hot Air Balloon .link.

2.Cotton Knit Baby Blanket - Flamingo by Indus Design .link.

3.Keptin Jr Sneeky Soft Rattle With Organic Cotton .link.

4.Ark Poster by OMM Design .link.

5.SCOUT Lifestyle - Stitched Quilt .link.

6.Woollen Circle 90 cm Felt Floor Rug / Mat .link.

7.Wooden Cars by Automoblox - M9 Aqua Sports Van .link.

8.Homely Creatures 'To The Moon And Back' Felt Banner (Also In Black Or White) .link.

9.MINI LABO Girls Shoulder Bag With Floral Embroidery .link.

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