Our Winter Wonderland Getaway

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I'm felling appreciative after a wonderful weekend away. We were lucky enough to have been invited to stay at Mt Buller for 2 days and 2 nights, right on the mountain. We are really not in a position to afford this, so I feel extremely lucky and appreciative for this amazing opportunity. The kids had a blast! They had been to the snow once on a day trip, but my little was only 18 months. My daughter was old enough to remember the trip so she was so very excited to see snow again after 2 years since the last time. The weekend was pretty special; there was tobogganing, chair lift rides, hot chocolate and it even snowed after we finished building this fantastic snow girl- it was gorgeous!

My boy however, did not like the snowing part. It got in his face and eyes and he was not a happy chappie, so he went back inside with his Dad. My daughter and I remained outside marvelling in the delicate snow falling on us. Falling snow has a real magical quality. People who have to walk to work in it, or dig their car out of the driveway each morning, might not like it as much but we thought it was spectacular! Rain, I can appreciate from inside my comfy home, looking out at the patterns it makes, but snow isn't like rain with its intrusive and instant wetness rendering you totally uncomfortable. Snow is subtle and delicate, landing without a thump or a splash, but like a soft kiss. Well I'm sounding all wanky poetic now, but I'm not trying too, simply trying to explain how beautifully magical it is. And with the forecast reporting there was ‘nil’ chance of snow falling on the weekend, I was so surprised and excited. Having a child with you who is equally as happy, made it super special.

I told her that each time we go to the snow, we will make a snowman/woman/creature, each a little different and we can start to collate a snowman album. I love this idea and so does she.

 Maree x

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