​Our New Brand In Stock- Breganwood, Makers Of Exceptional Organic Towelling Products.

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We are very pleased to be stocking Breganwood Organics, an American based organic towelling brand. Here is a little bit about this Company. Breganwood started out 20 years ago in the hotel industry making high quality hotel robes. Due to customer enquires in relation to organic cotton products; they set out to investigate this demand. After researching cotton farming they became passionate about the benefits of organic and soon came to the conclusion that the textiles industry needed a clean up! They committed to be a part of that clean up and not continue to be contributors to environmental degradation. From here they decide to create their own brand and Breganwood Organics was born.

Breganwood use nothing but certified organic cotton for all their products; grown without toxic pesticides that poison the land and water. Farmed organically which enriches the soil and does not comprise the health of the farmer, and makes it safer for you and your family.

With the belief and passion to set a new model for manufacturing, they opened their own factory. Not just concerned about the quality of the product and the effect on the environment, they wanted to create a work place that considered the health of workers; a clean and safe environment where employees would find it a pleasure to work.

Breganwood Organics makes towelling products that are nothing short of exceptional and luxurious and a product that the conscientious consumer will love.



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