Our Family Christmas and New Years Wrap up

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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break- whether you celebrate or not, whether it’s holly or just a holiday, I hope there was love and laughter.

Santa delivered big this year! And my kids have been warned that Santa does not give expensive presents to everyone so they were indeed lucky and next year they can only ask for small gifts- it’s only fair..........

Christmas Morning- they got up way too early- I actually went back to bed! They loved their new bikes from Santa! 

Our Christmas was stress free, calm and quite with lots of food OF COURSE! With an Italian background it’s a tradition to eat till you explode! Consuming a four course meal with the second entrée being lasagne, exploding is inevitable!! How on earth is one suppose to fit in four courses when Lasagne is one of the courses- really Mum? Every year! And no one eats the turkey, no one really likes it but she still cooks one. I think I finally convinced her to skip it next year. So this year I stopped after the Lasagne and just stuck to the main for dinner.... and of course dessert.

A tradition I started when my girl was old enough is the slippery slide or ‘slip and slide’ as most call it. When it’s a warm Christmas like this one was it’s ready and waiting in my parent’s garage. My kid’s inflatable swan wanted to be a part of the fun this year haha.

So much fun!

So New Years Eve was HOT in Melbourne and I didn't go outside until about 3 pm. We needed to be in the city for a 5.15 buffet with friends and the expected 6 pm cool change didn't happen so the city was balmy. We had a yummy buffet at a restaurant in the Crown complex- it’s been a long time since I ate at a buffet but it was perfect for the kids and I think I sampled five different desserts. And yes we wore bright paper hats.

These were classy (paper) hats- don't you think?

Then it was off to the Yarra to watch the 9.30 pm fireworks which was a bit of a let-down because they were further away than we expected- oh well we were with great friends and everyone was happy.

Waiting for darkness with glow sticks ready. 

So glad we got out this year for New Years Eve, there have been a few stay at homes in the last eight years since having kids but my baby is now four so it’s party, party, party from now on!!!! 

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