​Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

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I grew up Catholic, with a traditional Christmas tree and loved decorating it as a child. When I say traditional I mean a fake plastic tree....all the colour, all the sparkle and all the build up for the arrival of Santa- who we called Father Christmas back then.

Once I left home I never bought a plastic tinsel tree like the one I grew up with. I can’t remember even having a tree when I was living single. I probably was rebelling or making some statement against the hypocrisy of it all or trying not to be a conformist. Ah your twenties- full of attitude! I still helped Mum every year with that plastic one; she hates putting up the tree although I now have my 2 kids who help her. Still the same Christmas tree but an upgraded one of course.

So once I had my daughter I pushed the hypocrisy aside because who am I to decide that she should miss out on all the excitement of Christmas, the colour, lights and sparkle that I grew up with. Christmas was always a magical time and I wanted her to feel what I felt...she has many years ahead of her (all her twenties) to reject whatever societal norms and attitudes she wants.

However once I learned what an environmental nightmare tinsel is and how long it takes to break down (forever!) I decided to do things a little differently. I never did buy a plastic tinsel tree and since the birth of my daughter in 2007 we have collected tree branches from the bush, placed them in a pot to create our own tree. As she got older she loved helping me do this; not just the decorating but also sourcing the perfect branches from the bush. Yes we could buy a real tree but I like being a little bit crafty....

This year my daughter turned 8 and announced that she wanted something different. We searched the net and Googled Christmas trees with a difference. We found some weird and wonderful ones and she liked one we found that used a ladder. I encouraged this as we have a vintage ladder. So it was decided very quickly and in my opinion it has turned out to be spectacular! Both my daughter and son are enjoying playing around and under it with our many collected and made Christmas decretive treasures.......

And here it is!

So from A Whole Lot of Love- we thanks you for all your support and wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Fantastic 2016! 

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