Getting Our Rainbow On- In support Of Gay Marriage

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We Are Getting Our Rainbow On - and hopefully the Australian Government will too!

In support of Gay Marriage Rights, we are spreading some rainbow love. Marriage is about ‘love’ A Whole Lot of Love! I chose not to get married but at least I have the choice! And for those who say “there are more important things for the government to focus on” - I am really sick of hearing this! It’s a cop- out. There are many important things to focus on, that is why we have a parliament and this being a human rights issue; it should be very high on the agenda. I really don’t understand why it is taking so long. We are usually more progressive than the USA so what is going on- come on Australia! Our current prime minister and his stance on this issue aside; this injustice should have been amended long before Abbot....surely! One can only hope that we will follow in the USA’s footsteps soon.

So rant over. We have some rainbows to spread!

Here is some of our best rainbow love- 

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