Getting My Photo Mojo - for Ginger Pegg Pure Fine Merino Wool Blanket/Wraps

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Yesterday I did some more photography using my Galaxy 4 Note (phone camera), which is waaaay better than my actual Canon camera!  I have had the phone for a few month now and can get great action photos of my son who is never still. I wanted an image of the 4 colour types of Ginger Pegg blankets we stock- all together in one image.  I have some white Ikea kids storage bench/drawler's that I use as bench seats and I have nearly white wall, so this is the back drop for the images. The day was cloudy but the sun was peeking through every few minute so I got to experiment with what kind of light works. With none of the 'right' tools, this is what I have to work with. 

So what I learnt is- too much sun is NOT good as it makes the colour come out all wrong, very different to the actual product colour. However a bright day and the sun shaded, results in a great picture- well as perfect as I'm going to get with these conditions in my dinning room!

Here are my best Shots. 


Not too shabby if I don't say so myself. Yesterdays project has inspired me to get a 'real proper' camera and a tripod stand thing and one of those silver shady thing's and maybe even learn the correct terms for said thing's.......   

Ginger Pegg is an Australian, Melbourne based company. They use Pure Merino Wool and make these gorgeous baby blanket/wraps right here in Melbourne.  These blankets are sooo soft and perfect for summer or winter.  Size: 90 x 90cm, $69.00

Pure, Fine Merino Wool, Breathable, Comfortable, Gorgeous!     

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