Christmas 2016 - Cloud Advent Calendar Crafting Creation

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Since having kids I've always thought about making an Advent Calendar and last year I wrote a blog on how I always forget until it’s too late. I’m still the same girl who loves to be crafty but as a busy Mum, time just seems to go by so fast….I’m sure you can all relate.

So in last year’s blog I promised that in 2016 I would be organised and create my very own Advent Calendar for the kids. I found this awesome link to an amazing amount of Calendar ideas from The Crafty Crow - LINK - seriously inspiring!

There are so many, some more complicated than others but you’ll definitely find something for whatever crafty skill level you have.  

Below is an image of the one I selected to try and create. 


And here is my creation. I cheated a bit and didn’t get my sewing machine out to stitch it together, rather I used the good old stapler! I got a bit excited and stapled around the bottom of the cloud before I had tied the string to the coat hanger and had to unpick many staples…don’t do that…..

I trimmed the edges of the cloud with washi tape to cover the staples which I think looks great. I also used some handmade wrapping paper from the kids painting activities that we keep for wrapping or crafting.   

What's Inside The Parcels

Stickers, bubbles, animal figurines, balloons, sweets, Lego figures, fun underpants, bouncy balls, party poppers, glitter glue.

I also made 3 parcels with the word “Surprise” inside. They are for Lego and sticker books that were too big to put in the parcels.

Other things you could use are, tattoos, hair ties, experiences (promise to attend the zoo), washi tape, socks, jewellery, hugs and kisses although they come free and regular in my house………

Another thought I had while making the Advent Calendar is (and addressing the fact that I don’t care for disposable plastic crappy toys that last 5 minutes before breaking) is to make small parcels with a note inside giving the location of something you have hidden in house. 

So as this was my first time, it turned out a little pricey! I think next time I will bake some treats on some of the days, give vouchers for experiences as mentioned above and buy things they need. As the saying goes – ‘Something they want, Something they need, Something to wear and Something to read’.

Enjoy the lead up to Christmas everyone! 

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