Breastfeeding- Not Always an Easy Task

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Motherhood is a tough gig! We all have our individual struggles, our own path, our own lessons and they can be emotional or physical or both. For some the struggle is immediate and for some they come later. My struggle started shortly after the birth of my daughter. Things were great after and have been since, but I'm under no illusion that I won’t be tested again and maybe again and again.......Motherhood is certainly an interesting journey.

My biggest struggle was breastfeeding, but before I get to that I also found it hard lugging so much stuff around. My back isn’t the strongest and baby + bag of stuff + stroller in and out of the car equalled a sore back and lots of anxiety for me. So I stayed at home a lot while my children’s were babies. I saw a stroller advertised the other day which showed a woman get it out of the boot, open it, click it into position with one hand and a baby in the other. There is fantastic new design emerging all the time to make life easier for parents.

So my real problem was with my boobs- my ducts didn't work great and so I couldn't get enough milk out. My routine was this: Breastfeed, then top up with formula, then play with baby, then baby would sleep for ONLY 45 MINUTES! in which time I had to express. I never left the couch and my back was sore hunch over all the time. I clearly needed to get out more and walk around, but well, I needed to eat and sleep and all those other things you need to do. We are told breast feeding is natural, easy, the best thing for you and your baby.......sometimes it’s not!! And although things were easier with my boy and my boobs worked a little better, I still had to go through the same routine but perhaps with less anxiety. The first time round was devastating! I was not prepared for not being able to breastfeed and really felt I had to morn this part of wasn't what I wanted and on top of that, professionals made me feel guilty for something I had no control over AND WAS NOT MY FAULT. Breastfeeding lasted four months with my daughter and six months with my son- things were easier after that emotionally and physically but I would have given anything to have been able to solely breastfeed.

I've been very lucky since. I have two healthy, happy, well mannered and easy going kids and thank the universe for this every day. I think it’s important for all women to share their struggles, big or small, with others as Motherhood can be an isolating place.

The image below is a product on the web site that I wish I had on my kitchen bench for all those bottles and bits that we had to deal with every day. And I stock this product because I can certainly relate.....

Please share with those closest to you what you struggled with or are currently struggling with?


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