A Whole Lot of Love 2016 Christmas Gift Guide - Gift Inspiration to get your Christmas Shopping Sorted

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Babies don't know the difference between a rag and a cute soft toy, but Mum's do so a baby gift has got to be cute, and it’s got to last and perhaps be kept as a keepsake. What’s more, it’s going to go in bub’s mouth so as well as cute it’s got to be safe. Here are some lovely rattles, comforters and soft toys to put a smile on bub’s and Mum’s face. 

1. Organic Cotton Musical Monkey Soft Toy  2. My Natural-Teething Toy Elephant 3. Plan Toys- First Wooden Shape Shorter 4. Plush Mushroom Tumbler- Spiegelburg 5. Little Doggo Rattle Comforter- Keptin Jr 6. My Natural- Sleepytime Lovie Blanket Giraffe 7. Plan Toys- Wooden Car Grasping Toy 8. Plan Toys- Baby Phone with Magnetic Screen 9. Alice Musical Soft Toy Kangaroo.


If you are gifting to someone else's baby and you want a useful gift then why not a gorgeous blanket, portable change mat, play mat or organic bamboo teether. Mum can do with more than one of these items so no need to worry about double ups.    

From left to Right- *Evie Organic Bamboo Wrap with *Maya Portable Change Mattress *Cotton Knit Pink Pom Pom Baby Blanket *Bear Face Play Mat *'Teepee' Cotton Baby Blanket-Indus *'Jack The Dog' Cotton Baby Blanket-Indus *Organic Bamboo Silicone Teether *Bella Buttercup Play Space

If you can’t find what you're looking for here, click this link to our ‘Baby’ Category - Link


Baby will grow into a toddler and begin ‘learning through play’. At this time, you will need something more interactive. At A Whole Lot of Love, we believe that interactive doesn’t mean bells and whistles, it means structure, colour and the opportunity for open ended play. A child is born with a strong imagination and self-directed play is the key to keeping it alive. Here as some great gift suggestions for your growing toddler.

From Left To Right - *Retro Tin Spinning Tops  *Wooden Shape Sorter- Egmont Toys  *Animal ABC Nesting Blocks- Petit Collage  *Wooden Stacking Puzzle  *Green Toys- Stove Top  *Paolo Soft Toy Monkey- Egmont Toys  *Toby Toys Wooden Fire Engine  *Pull Along Truck with 98 Blocks  *Pedro Storytime Soft Toy- Tiger Tribe   *Puppet Theatre- Finger Puppets


You are spoilt for choice when it comes to kids toys. Check out some popular categories after the images for more inspo. 

From Left To Right - *Cotton Teepee  *Sail Boat- Tin Toy Tea Set  *Tiger Tribe Rag Dolls  *Tiger Tribe Wooden Car Box Set  *Bigjig Giant- Brontosaurus Riser Train Attachment  *English Rose Jewellery Box- Tiger Tribe  *Wooden Carpenter Tool Kit- Egmont Toys  *Wooden Village Windmill Block Set  *Wooden Toy Animal Skittles  


We are so lucky in this country that Christmas falls in Summer and outdoor toys can be enjoyed straight away. Why not get them outdoors with some great sand toys from Quut or an inflatable.   

From Left To Right -  *Quut- Cuppi Beach Toy  *Cap't Sharky Extendable Telescope- Siegelburg  *Green Toys Submarine  *Wooden Rope Ladder- Spiegelburg  *Pulley Construction Kit- Spiegelburg  *Stack and Nestling Cup- KidO  *Giant Inflatable Pool Ring- Gummy Bear


For all the creative kids and those that don't need anymore toys this year, we have some super art and craft choices. 

From Left To Right - *Seedling- Create Your Own Feather Crown   *How to Draw Fantasy- Tiger Tribe   *Djeco- Kirigami Paper Balls   *Felt Craft Feathers   *Djeco Bunny Owl Dog Crayons   *Seedling Design Your Own Bird Hous  *Designer Indie Bangles Craft Kit  *Mandala Colouring Set- Tiger Tribe   *Street Art Colouring Set- Tiger Tribe  *Seedling Design Your Own Super Hero Cape


Do you have big kids too? We have all ages cover so if you are looking for something for your older children, here are some ideas.  

1. Ludo Board Game in Retro Packaging  2. Ridleys- Giant Springy Slinky  3. Ridleys- Metal Jack Set  4. Chinese Chequers  5. Ridleys- 200 Piece Domino Rally  6. Ridelys Playing Cards  7. Areaware Cubebot  8. HUBA- Catapult Assembly Kit  9. Thinkfun- Word A Round  10. Areaware Little Architect Magnetic Building Blocks  11. Suck UK- Drumstick Pencils 12. Thinkfun- Last Letter Game 


From Left To Right - *Porcelain Bunny Lamp- Suck UK  *Metermorphosen Prehistoric Ruler   *Youth Sports Watch   *Robot Sparkly Eyes  *Studio Skinky World Map   *Book Rest Lamp- Suck UK   *Djeco- History Puzzle  

Need more toy Inspo? - check out these popular categories for more -

Vintage / Retro

Wooden Toys

Musical Toys

Construction & Educational Toys

Pretend Play

Pull Along Toys

Plains Trains and Automobiles

Soft Toys


Art & Craft

We hope this helps! Remember that parcel delivery slows down at this time of year due to volume and things can sell out. To avoid disappointment try and get your On-line Christmas shopping done in November and have a stress free December. 

Happy Shopping!    

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