A Little Winter Encouragement Brrrr....

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Just getting a little ahead of myself- (Nearly) one down two to go. 

I know there is another week to go but for those of you who are counting down- you will be able to cross June off very soon.

So this is not a post about how cold it is (but it’s so brrrr cold!) Or how it’s much easier to get down and depressed at this time of year (my kids are up to their forth week with persistent coughing and it’s not looking like easing up......lots of sleepless nights for me) it’s a post about.....well......how cold it is....BUT I’m Ok with it. 

I actually have never minded Winter too much, I even enjoyed it after having my kids. But I must admit that I like it less since my oldest started school and having to leave the house for the school run with her and a toddler (now nearly 4) with so much more "stuff" and tucking everything in and losing beanies and wet shoes and......so....I like it less.

So I want to remember how to like it more and one of the problems with this, is everyone is so down on it, complaining all the time. And well I’ve already listed some stuff here that makes it hard to like I suppose, but starting today when the topic of weather is brought up, instead of saying “well one month is nearly done” as I said just yesterday, I will try and be positive and talk about....um.....well.....perhaps I could say......um....do you know what......if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Winter sucks this year. It’s so damn cold brrrrrr!  

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