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Well people have been telling me that I need more on our 'About Page'; that people want to know more about me, my family, my background, 'my Journey'.  I haven't been hesitant to do this just busy!  And I totally get it. I read the 'about page' before purchasing from a web site. I like to know who they are, what they stand for and feel that I can trust them.  So I have finally added a little about me in my 'About Page' and here it is!

Insert photo of me.....I really need to get a good head shot taken- I will get on to that soon! 

About Me

So my journey to this point started in high school when I discovered a love of art and went on to study art and design and textile design. However I diverted from this path, and after working with children and doing some travel, I went back to school and became a Youth Worker. A lot happened in between but this is the short story. So I come from a background in Social Work and Youth Work where I worked mainly in the area of child abuse and trauma. Not many nice stories and not many happy endings......

I knew after the birth of my daughter in 2007 that I didn’t want to go back to my career and desperately wanted to get back to doing something more creative. At the time I didn’t have the confidence to pursue something new, and like many, I was scared to tackle the unknown and fear got the better of me. But to be fair on myself, I was a new Mum tackling something very new and discovering a whole other side to myself. So I went back to my career, part time, and found it 10 times more confronting and 10 times more heart breaking!

Late 2012, when my son was just 15 months, our family moved to Daylesford (spa) country Victoria not too far from Melbourne. A great opportunity presented itself while living in Daylesford. I began selling children’s clearance clothes and shoes in a local vintage market. I loved it! Something I always wanted to do since I was a little girl was to play ‘shop’ and I wanted my very own shop. The market stall didn’t do that well until I introduced some vintage toys and quality wooden toys. And this is where A Whole Lot of Love began (Then called Whole Lotta Love- yes, from the song by Led Zeppelin).

We lived in Daylesford for just over a year and I knew then that I wanted so much more than a market stall. Living somewhere new, away from your friends and family really puts you out of your comfort zone and it did wonders for my confidence. So at the end of Jan 2014, after almost a year of research, I hit the grown running when we moved back to our home in Melbourne. And this is when A Whole Lot of Love On-line was born. We launched in March 2014 and although it’s a lot of work, there is nothing else I’d rather be doing.

We are growing very slowly, with a very modest budget and I hope to be able to open a local bricks and mortar store in the future so I can really play ‘shop’.


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